Sili Deng

Sili Deng

Ph.D. Candidate


  • Beijing, China


  • Princeton University, NJ, USA
    • Ph.D. Student, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, 2010-present
    • M.A., Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, 2012
  • Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
    • B.S., Thermal Engineering, 2010


  • Graduation with Honor, Tsinghua University,2010
  • Best Paper of Diploma Thesis, Tsinghua University, 2010
  • Tsinghua University Fellowship, Tsinghua University, 2007-2010

Research Interests

  • Chemistry-transport -affected ignition of Hydrocarbon Fuels
  • Experimental and Computational Study of Thermoacoustic Instability
  • Flame Synthesis of Nano-materials
  • Pollutant Control and Reduction


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  5. Shuiqing Li, Yiyang Zhang, Junjing Wang, Sili Deng, Stephen D. Tse (2010). Synthesis of titania nanoparticles by premixed stagnation flames with different stabilization techniques. In: Proceedings of the 6th World Congress on Particle Technology, April 26-29, Nuremberg.
  6. YUN Duan,DENG Sili, SONG Qiang, YAO Qiang, Research on potassium deactivation and regeneration method of V2O5-WO3 /TiO2 SCR catalyst.Research of Environmental Sciences [J]. 2009, 22(6):730-735. (in Chinese)

Teaching Experience

  • MAE-ENE 427 Energy Conversion and the Environment: Transportation Applications, Princeton University, Spring 2012-2013